Thursday, 20 October 2011

Being lazy

One thing I discovered tonight in church is that if I want LittleLanky to stay connected with the service then I have to stay connected to.

It sounds obvious, but it becomes tempting to stay sitting down with her and playing rather than standing up for the hymns and the gospel etc. It is laziness on my part when I do this because it's easier. It's never a problem to play with her if she needs me but often she's playing very happily without me helping.

I often have to break off singing or reading a response to talk to LittleLanky or stop her from destroying something, so after a while I just let the service go on around me. There's nothing wrong with this in a way but I have realised that when I get disconnected, she does and when I make an effort to stay engaged with it, she does too because she's intrigued about what I'm doing.

So I resolve to try and stand up and not just be lazy and play with the godly play kits during the hymns. Although I will allow myself a bit of play time during the sermons - I often find them a little tedious too, so I know where she's coming from!

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