Sunday, 23 October 2011


One thing I suddenly thought of was how my attitude to noise has changed as a parent. I think you genuinely become desensitised to noise (especially in the toddler years). Pre LittleLanky I found the noise of children quite distressing especially when they were upset. I think partly from a desire to want to help in some way and knowing that I generally couldn't. Since having her however I tune out other people's children much more effectively.

It made me think that it's a tricky balance to strike in churches when children are making noise. The parents are generally a lot less affected by it than the older/non parent part of the congregation.

I try and work quite hard to stay sensitive about LittleLanky's noise output but I've also grown slightly thick skinned about it.

I suppose in all congregations people irritate each other with something. We wouldn't be human if we didn't but we just have to rise above it and try and explain our different positions in a non combative way.

I have no answers to this, I'm just intrigued about how I've changed.

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